The Living Free residential program is for women desiring serious change for their life.  Whether you are coming from incarceration or seeking to make the hard changes you know you need to make, participants in our program will experience a healthy, accountable, and nurturing environment rooted in the grace and truth God's love.  We primarily serve women from our area who are seeking to transition into healthy independence but will also consider those who need to distance themselves from old environments.  We want to partner with women who are ready for change. 




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Megan Mann was one of the first residents we had at Living Free and she made an impact wherever she went. She was a resident for almost two years with the first half of her time seeking recovery from addiction and preparation for her future.  The second half of her time with us was fighting cervical cancer.  Through it all she was a powerful inspiration.

      Megan came to see that her only hope was in Jesus. "HOPE" was the thing which gave Megan a new life and her vision was to be a "Hope Dealer", telling others about the hope found in a relationship with Jesus.

      We have named the Living Free residential house in memory of Megan and her vision of being a "Hope Dealer".  We would have liked to have Megan help us carry forward the mission of Living Free, and through this gesture she will.

What a Resident Can Expect

  • Application & Interview Process

        Contact Us


  • Pay a monthly, affordable residential fee

  • Find employment of 30-40 hours a week with time off for required activitiesAttend groups/classes


  • Visit weekly with a mentor and advisor


  • Visit monthly with a financial coach

  • Attend Christian 12 Step Group

  • Attend 8 week Relationship Class

  • Attend Sunday church of your choosing

  • 4 month program

  •  Regular sobriety testing

  • No smoking on Living Free property

  • No significant other relationships​​

  • Fully furnished bedrooms

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