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In 2016 Living Free was born. A small group of women who had various involvements with women in the community with needs related to addictions and/or incarceration came together to initiate this ministry in the community. The original vision was to have a faith-based residential program. To work towards that goal we began to offer groups, mentoring, and made ourselves available to women in the community who could potentially benefit.
After building our volunteer and financial base the time finally came for us to see our dream of a residential program to be born. We had acquired a house to hold our programming in and now we could transition that house from programming to housing residents. To help make that possible we partnered with a couple of other ministries to rent what is now called "The Beacon". Our office and all our programming take place at this location for our residents and other women in the community.


Our three focuses of Resources, Residential, and Reaching Out are accomplished with an all-volunteer team.

We seek to build our volunteer and financial base by serving the community and encouraging women through the devotional calendar we created, our women's retreat, and speaking to women's groups.

We are excited about the potential for future growth and impact in helping women be all God created them to be! 
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