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Common Addictions


Alcohol, Anger, Sex/Pornography, Fear, Gambling, Sexual Abuse, The Chase, Pride, Shopping, Chronic Illness, Sugar, Pain, Male/Female Dependency, Compulsive Lying, Money, Church, Nicotine, Vaping, Credit Card Spending, Over Eating, Telephone, Drugs, Television, Emotional Abuse, Approval Dependency, Perfectionism, Prescription Medication, Work, Internet Use, Facebook, Codependency, People Pleasing, Over Working, Over Spending


Are you being robbed of good things by the changes you haven’t been able to make?


Jesus said he came to give us an abundant life . . . how is your approach to living life hindering God’s best for you?


Do you allow shame to drive you into hiding because you judge your addiction(s) to be worse than other’s?


Have you always felt you could overcome if you had the right kind of help?