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In their own words

Living Free has been a huge inspiration to me and has helped me to finally overcome my addiction.  My relationship with God continues to grow more everyday as well as my love for him.  The impacts it has had on my life have truly been miraculous!  I am getting close to a year sober and a lot of that is due to God and his great love for me and everyone as well.  The women in this house inspire me to be the me I have always known inside myself but never knew how to show it.  I attend Living Free not only because the spirits of the women in this house are amazing but also because these women were there for me when I needed them in my darkest time.

My family lives in other states.  Most of my sober friends are busy with their own lives and my other “friends” didn’t stick around when I got sober.  Living Free has become a second family.  Super supportive and never judgmental.  I have tripped up a couple of times along the way.  They have ben my strongest support system.  I honestly don’t know how I would have made it through the roughest of times. 


My relationship with God hasn’t always been the strongest.  Living Free has reintroduced me to God and I have been rebuilding the relationship as time goes by.


I crave social interaction and for it to be positive and enlightening.  I feel love and supported.  Maybe someday I can meet someone that I can use my experiences to help them

When I’m feeling down I go to Living Free.  When I leave I feel so much better.  So many women pray for everyone.  There has been problems in my life that I wouldn’t have been able to get through without God.  I attend Living Free to get the Word of God and prayer and pray for others.

Living Free has given me a great place to be closer to God and all his glory!  He is my guide and strength.  When I feel weak he is my strength.  I give him my fears and he blesses me with peace.  I would be lost without that relationship.  I love the spirits that fill this house and I am growing in my faith with a wonderful bunch of beautiful souls!

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