Reaching Out



It was a county jail bible study that started in 2013 which lead to the vision for Living Free.  We continue to provide a weekly bible study at the jail for women and several of the women we serve were first met at the jail.  It is a unique opportunity to bring hope and encouragement to women who often feel alone, afraid, and lost.  Living Free gives them a resource where they can have the support they need to pursue their dreams of a transformed life.

Beje Clark Transitional Center

Women from Beje Clark are encouraged to attend any of our activities and also to apply for our residential program.  We offer them transportation to attend activities.


Mitchellville Iowa Women’s Prison

We have had a number of women parole from the prison into our program.  We have a good working relationship with the prison.  Volunteers from Living Free send correspondence to the women incarcerated there who are from our area in hopes they will know who we are and will seek us out upon release back to the community.

North Iowa Women

We desire to serve any woman who could benefit from anything we have to offer for all of us have addictions, habits, and hang-ups.  We all have them and usually need help to overcome.  Our Christian 12 Step groups serve the whole spectrum from “church lady” to inmate.  We benefit from each other’s fellowship and support.

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